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Chris & Anastasia

My wife and I recently build our Modern Family home in South Wentworthville with Baserite Constructions Pty Ltd. We were very impressed and satisfied with the services we received. Our Builder engaged with us in a collaborative manner and continued to consult with us during each phase of the building to ensure our satisfaction with their work.

I was especially impressed with the guidance we were given when choosing our Fixtures and Fittings for our house. Our builder Milad was always available to discuss any choices we had to make and double check all our decisions before installation.

Milad was very accessible throughout the building process and kept us abreast of any development changes or decisions we needed to make. He was always happy to meet us onsite to walk us through and review the progress of construction.

My wife and I were very happy with the quality of the workmanship throughout our house and the finished product was to our complete satisfaction. We felt that Baserite Constructions Pty Ltd hired a team of very professional, high quality contractors. The Contractors appeared to be people who had worked with Baserite Constructions Pty Ltd for many years and had a good relationship with the builder.

We felt that our builder Milad really cared about our individual house and our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Baserite Constructions Pty Ltd to anyone who will be considering building.